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Software/Web Development

Software is at the heart of everything we do at NLYVN, second only to our customers who come first. We believe in the power of software to change the world, and improve businesses. We build websites, web portals, web applications,

NLYVN Media Communications mobile app development

Mobile App Development

The world is Mobile! With the quantum leap in mobile technology, with innovations such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, your customers are certainly carrying a smartphone. How about if you could reach them instantly at no extra cost? Push alerts/notifications

NLYVN Media Communications new media

Social Media

Social Media has become the de facto means of communication in today’s world and is the default media for young people who hardly watch TVs, listen to radio stations or read newspapers. Social Media spreads information across the world at

About NLYVN Media Communications

About NLYVN Media Communications

NLYVN Media Communication (BN2217090) is a fast growing ICT solutions and consultancy NLYVN (Enliven) is a Nigerian Software/Media Consultancy company focused on using Software and Social Media to add value to Brands and Companies all over the world. At NLYVN,

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NLYVN Media Communications have been a great technology partner. From building & maintaining our website, to training staff in new technologies periodically, they make our business better

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